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    The ReadAct Difference

Clarity of vision for your organization - You will either validate your current measures of performance, or modify them and adopt better ones which will help you and all people within your organization to be clear about your desired outcomes (goals).

Complete and thorough consideration – ReadAct guides you to address all essential areas of concern and interest in a way that prevents organizational blind spots and creates reliable monitoring of your customized metrics. Close up the cracks—nothing falls through!

Builds in discipline. Whether ReadAct is applied to a new endeavor (project, task, company, etc.) or an ongoing one, it compels definition and improves clarity. It may affirm the positive results of past actions or discover gaps that require attention and action. The ReadAct process can be done linearly from a beginning to an end, or joined in midstream of an ongoing enterprise. The process asks useful questions, compels needed consideration, prompts constructive action, records the trail of outcomes, and discovers needed resources, iteratively through the endeavor. The process is relentless in its methodology toward goals, yet very pliant to adaptation. Work on pieces of a problem or the whole thing with the same frame of reference. The more you use ReadAct the more it integrates all you've done.

Comprehensive yet simple. ReadAct, mindful of classical theory, emphasizes both Task and Organization needs, and promotes Effectiveness first, then Efficiency. Systematic focus on these four concerns provides a clear and complete structure of criteria based desired outcomes, the Why?, the purpose of the enterprise.

ReadAct, mindful that behavior causes outcomes, prescribes four necessary behaviors for problem solving any management, leadership or group challenge. Those four behaviors constantly respond to the Who?, What?, When?, Where?,and How? of the issue.

The Interaction of the ReadAct behaviors (like a scope) with the desired outcomes (target) diagnoses and prescribes corrective action and provides a pallate of applicable resources.

Answering all the questions helps you to see how comprehensive ReadAct is, but you have to use it to appreciate its simplicity. Four categories of desired outcomes, four behaviors. A total of eight factors to track = simplicity.

Comprehensive + Simple = Parsimonious!

Refines Metrics - Either validate and organize the evaluation and assessment metrics you currently use, or develop more precise measures tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Simplify and sharpen communication within your organization by providing a common vocabulary and terminology to make goal setting, job descriptions, employee evaluation, action planning, and other work processes more easily understood (and less prone to miscommunication and misunderstanding) by grounding them in a common frame of reference.

Maximize Training – with precise needs assessments and clarity to focus training precisely matching the most timely and cost efficient training options to each person and the development most focused on their effectiveness and efficiency within your organization.

Start anywhere - These and many more "pieces" are available up to and including, complete integration of your management, evaluation and human resource systems. What you do in one area, becomes the content of the processes in each other area. Redundant effort is eliminated, and parallel systems are streamlined or eliminated.